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” You don’t make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas.”

-Shirley Chisholm

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Some words about us

We are passionate about creating holistically healthy communities through innovative, strategic, and sustainable public health solutions.

Who we are and what we do?

Six Dimensions, LLC is a public health consulting company focused on creating healthier communities across the United States and abroad. Six Dimensions was established to holistically and strategically respond to the public health needs of communities. Essentially, there are six dimensions of health (spiritual, physical, mental/emotional, vocational and environmental). Six Dimensions, LLC utilizes these facets of health as the foundation for creating sustainable healthy communities.

Six Dimensions, LLC utilizes an ecological and systematic approach to improve the health of communities.  We believe public health is represented in all things, therefore, our services transcend across all sectors. Six Dimensions, LLC services focus on developing innovative, strategic, and sustainable public health strategies to improve the health of communities.

In an effort to continuously support the ever evolving landscape of public health, we are also committed to strengthening the public health workforce by providing opportunities for recent public health graduates to gain public health experience in order to better compete for high level public health jobs. Our services are represented in four innovative branches:  is composed of four departments which include:

  • Research and Development
  • Contractual Services
  • Workplace Wellness
  • Policy and Advocacy

Our Vision

A world where all communities are holistically healthy.

Our Mission

To create holistically healthy communities through innovative, strategic and sustainable public health solutions.

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A few words about OUR CEO

Dedicated | Passionate | Driven | Innovative

Nakeitra L. Burse, DrPH, CHES


Dr. Nakeitra L. Burse founded Six Dimensions, LLC in an effort to strategically respond to the health needs of disparate communities. As a native Mississippian, she is well aware of the impact of poor health on the environment, the economy, and the overall quality of life of individuals and communities. Dr. Burse has been entrenched in public and community health for over eight years, earning a BS in Biological Sciences and an MS in Health Education/Health Promotion both from Mississippi State University. She also holds a Doctorate in Public Health from Jackson State University. Dr. Burse holds several certifications including Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES), personal trainer, and group exercise instructor.

Dr. Burse’s previous work in public health includes experience in the nonprofit sector, state agencies, and academia. These positions have allowed her the opportunity to view public health from various angles, understand the public health landscape, acknowledge the importance of policy in health, and develop solutions to respond to the immediate and critical health needs of our communities. As a result, Six Dimensions, LLC was birthed to create strategic, sustainable, and innovative solutions to common public health issues.

Some facts about us

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Our 6 Core Principles


Public health is constantly evolving, in order for us to aid in building sustainable healthy communities, it is imperative that we always remain committed to providing innovative solutions to respond to the needs of our clients.


Our primary goal is to create healthier communities, therefore, it is essential that services be provided with integrity, morality, and in alignment with the mission and vision of the client.


We are dedicated to providing quality services through persistence, dependability, and constant evaluation. Our primary focus is the success of our clients, therefore we are committed to providing services that are client specific and goal oriented.

Cultural Awareness

Our world is composed of many different races, religions, and cultures. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing services that are designed with respect to and awareness of all cultures.


One of the biggest issues facing the health of our communities is health equity. We are dedicated to ensuring that communities are aware of policies that directly and indirectly affect their health and are equipped with the proper tools to advocate for policy change.

Community Involvement

Building healthier communities will ultimately result in a healthier nation and a healthier world. Understanding the needs of the community is an essential component to successful public health strategies; therefore, we are committed to being actively involved in the health of all communities.

Here are a few of our services...

We customize our services to reach the unique needs of all our clients.

Six Dimensions Services

The primary goal of the Public Health Consulting Core is to improve the health of communities through strategic, innovative, and feasible solutions to common and complex public health problems. Services are focused on the specific needs of organizations, businesses, and communities. Click below to see our services in more detail.

Research & Development

This is our innovation arm that responds proactively to identified public health issues. We identify public health issues, research and test solutions and place those solutions on the market for consumers. We invest in innovative ideas that will significantly transform communities through systems changes. We pride ourselves in remaining on the forefront of public health and responding to needs with sustainable solutions.

Retroactive Response

This branch responds retroactively to current and emergent public health issues identified by external entities. We help clients identify the root cause of issues, then we develop and implement sustainable solutions. Clients are also trained on sustainability measures to ensure that the solutions will perpetually be enforced within their organizations and agencies. Some services provided through Retroactive Response  include, but are not limited to:

  •  Designing, implementing and evaluating innovative and culturally appropriate public health strategies.
  • Building organizational capacity and infrastructure to sustain public health programs through workshops and training.

Workplace Wellness

Coming Soon.

Policy & Advocacy

Coming Soon.

Who are our clients? 

Six Dimension, LLC’s services transcend across all sectors of public health including:

Local, state and federal agencies

Healthcare organizations

Academic institutions

National and local philanthropic organizations


Independent businesses

Community and faith based organizations

Neighborhood organizations

Let Six Dimensions, LLC. solve your consulting needs.

We are passionate about creating holistically healthy communities through innovative, strategic, and sustainable public health solutions.

Let’s connect and discuss our six core principles…

Six Principles

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